Painted Kitchen Cabinets, Expert Tips

Painted Kitchen Cabinets, Expert Tips

One way to alter the look of your kitchen is by creating painted kitchen cabinets in a new color. This is a great way to bring a new look of the cabinets itself while at the same time altering the look of the entire kitchen decoration. It has several steps that are all important to be done appropriately.

Important Steps in Creating Painted Kitchen Cabinets

It should be started by doing a cleaning thoroughly. If the surface of the cabinets that is going to be painted is not clean, the paint will not stick to it well. It means that the look of the painted kitchen cabinets will not be at the best possible level. The use of a degreaser is recommended to start the cleaning. The cleaning step should be completed by sanding the surface using 100-grit sandpaper.

Another thing to be given more attention is the priming and also coating. Priming means that you will need to apply a base layer of primer so that the paint could stick very well and that the actual color of the paint will be looking great. Meanwhile the coating is needed so that the painted kitchen cabinets will be protected from anything once the process is done

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